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Maintaining a vegan and gluten-free diet can be

difficult, and even discouraging at times. There

are so many sneaky ingredient names in food,

there is always the risks of cross contamination

and cooking and dining out with such a diet 

seems complicated and expensive! 


That's why I started Vegan Sans Gluten!

I wanted to give people a place to learn about

their diet from somebody who has lived with

it for years. Whether you have had this diet

for a while or you are just starting out, or

even only considering, you can find 

all the information you need including recipes,

what to avoid, what to expect when starting

a vegan, gluten-free diet, and more!

Vegan Sans Gluten began with my own journey with veganism and gluten sensitivity so its story wouldn't be complete if I didn't introduce myself:

My name is Ryan Hewes and I am a university Biology student from the United States. 










                              I have been cooking and baking since my mother taught me how when I was five years old. That's when I started                                       experimenting with new recipes and crazy concoctions, using my family and friends as taste-testers, and writing                                         down the recipes that didn't crash and burn (literally and figuratively!) so that I could replicate them later.


Early on in my high school career, as I began to take biology and chemistry courses, my passion for food and especially nutrition grew even stronger. This passion inspired the very first change I made to my diet:

That first step that I took was to become pollotarian. This means that I cut out red meat and only ate poultry, mainly chicken and turkey; I did this primarily for the health benefits associated with doing so. However, after about a year or so of being pollotarian, I watched the documentary Food Inc. at school and it made me question the integrity of the meat industry in general. I started researching the cruel and disgusting procedures used for slaughtering animals and processing their meat into food. This began my exploration into the moral and environmental benefits of removing meat completely from one's diet, and before long, I decided to do just that!

I was vegetarian for about three years. During that time, I learned a lot about food industries, nutrition, and the environment. I had wanted to become vegan for a while, but I thought that it would be too difficult, so I kept putting it off.


This went on until I became friends with a vegan who showed me what foods he bought, where he bought them, and how he prepared his meals. He demonstrated how easy it was to become vegan, so I started to do more in-depth research on veganism and within a week, I ended up buying a bunch of vegan foods and substitutes from my local grocery store.

I was perfectly content with my vegan diet for about three months, until I developed inexplicable stomach problems,

fatigue, and weakness, and had constant canker sores. I went to see a doctor about what had been happening and she

diagnosed me with Celiac Disease, which apparently runs in my family. This meant that I had to adjust my diet again 

to not only avoid animal products, but also all products with wheat, barley, and/or rye (all of which contain gluten). 

Removing gluten from my diet was definitely the biggest dietary adjustment for me because all of my vegan and vegetarian substitutes contained gluten and most of the recipes I had come up with before required wheat flour. I needed to rethink all of my previous recipes and conjuring up new ones to replace the store-bought substitutes that I couldn't eat anymore.


I began my quest online, checking out recipe blogs for inspiration. I soon discovered that the majority of vegan blogs online posted recipes that call for expensive and exotic ingredients, many of which are only available online or at select grocery stores. The worst part was that most of the gluten-free recipes I could find weren't even vegan because eggs and milk are often used to replace gluten as a binder. 

Since I couldn't find many recipes online that fit my dietary restrictions, I decided to experiment with different substitutes to create my own recipes. Once I had created a few successful recipes I knew I wanted to share them with other people so that they didn't have to jump through hoops just to be able to eat dinner. 


I hope my blog gives you the information and encouragement you need to continue your vegan, gluten-free lifestyle!


I always love hearing from people who have tried my recipes and are happy with the results. If you have followed some of my recipes, feel free to leave comments, ratings, and pictures under the blog post!

                                     If you'd like to learn more about being vegan!

                                     If you'd like to learn more about gluten and gluten intolerances!


Have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests?

Let me know here, and I'll respond as soon as I can!

That's Me!

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