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Online Privacy Policy Statement

In order to provide optimal features and services to those that visit VeganSansGluten.comcertain pieces of personal information are collected through the website.


All of the personally identifiable information collected by Vegan Sans Gluten is voluntarily given by those who visit the website and make use of the services which it provides. Vegan Sans Gluten is committed to maintaining any and all information collected from its visitors safe, private, and secure and takes pride in following and exceeding current established internet privacy guidelines. It does not share any personal information collected from its users with any external parties other than those responsible for managing the website. Nor does Vegan Sans Gluten have any malicious intent to sell or profit from any information provided by its users. All information provided by users is strictly used to improve the website and effectively provide its services.


Therefore, this privacy statement shall apply to and govern any and all data usage and collection thereof.


By visiting you consent to and acknowledge the following data collection procedures that are expressed in this Privacy Policy. 

Collection of User Information

Vegan Sans Gluten collects various types of information from its users, depending on the services of which they make use. Whenever information is requested from a user, the purpose of said information is clearly stated and it is strictly used for the intended purpose.


Its Mailing List Subscription collects the following information from its subscribers:

  • First and/or Last Names

  • Email Addresses           

Its membership platform collects the following information from its members:

  • First and/ or Last Names

  • Email Addresses            

  • Phone Numbers             

  • Account Settings           


DISCLAIMER: Although none of your personal information will be shared by Vegan Sans Gluten, it is not responsible for any information you voluntarily post while using its services. Any and all users are urged to be mindful when posting sensitive information online, and this applies to Vegan Sans Gluten as well. The following information is in direct control the user and may be made visible to the public: 

  • Blog Posts                     

  • Comments                    

  • Ratings                         

  • Followed Members      

  • Followers                     

Usage of Collected Information

Vegan Sans Gluten may collect and make use of any information that the user provides as a means of improving the operation of its website and effectively providing services to its users. Email Addresses and other forms of contact information may be used to send information and promotions users, such as

  • Emails                    

  • Website Updates    

  • Surveys                  

  • Recipes                  

  • Events                    

  • Recommendations 

      for services or 
           products provided
                 by Vegan Sans Gluten

      and its partners

Anonymous statistical and demographic information may be collected from the users of Vegan Sans Gluten. This information may include, but may not be limited to:

  • Cookies                    

  • Age                           

  • Gender                      

  • IP Address                

  • Browser Type           

  • Operating System     

  • Domain Name           

  • Access Times            

  • Tendencies                 

  • Country of Residence

This information is completely anonymous and is not connected personally to any user of the website and is used strictly for maintaining the quality of the services provided by Vegan Sans Gluten as well as general statistics related to the usage of the website.

Vegan Sans Gluten may disclose a user's personal information without giving prior notice only in the case that it is required to do so in conformance to applicable laws or it is deemed necessary in order to safeguard and preserve the rights, property, and safety of Vegan Sans Gluten and/or its users and/or the general public.

Third Party Services and Imbedded Links

Vegan Sans Gluten makes use of certain services that are provided by third parties. In addition, it may occasionally imbed links to external websites.

DISCLAIMER: Vegan Sans Gluten is not responsible for nor does it claim or accept any content, privacy policies, practices, or procedures from any external websites. Please visit the website itself for that information.

However, the names and links to the privacy policies of any third party platforms and services utilized by Vegan Sans Gluten along with a description of how they are utilized can be found below: is responsible for the hosting and web-editing services used by Vegan Sans Gluten

Wix Forms is used to process any personal information collected by Vegan Sans Gluten from its users

Google Analytics and Visitor Analytics are used to collect statistical, demographic, and technical data from the users of Vegan Sans Gluten.

Social Media Sites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are used to share information about Vegan Sans Gluten and  are accessible throughout the website.

Unsubscribe or Opt-Out

Any individual who is subscribed to Vegan Sans Gluten's Mailing List has the option to unsubscribe and remove themselves from the Mailing List at any time in order to stop receiving emails. If a user chooses to do so, he or she can simply send an email to the owner of Vegan Sans Gluten, at requesting to be removed from the Mailing List.

Any individual who has signed up to be a Member of Vegan Sans Gluten's website can also send an email to the owner, at requesting that his or her account be deleted and it will be deleted promptly.

Children Under 13 Years of Age

Vegan Sans Gluten does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from individuals under the age of 13 without parental consent and supervision. If it has been determined that such personal information has been collected from a person under this age, Vegan Sans Gluten will take the appropriate steps to ensure that it is promptly deleted from its website and its databases. 


DISCLAIMER: Any person who wishes to add himself or herself to Vegan Sans Gluten's Mailing List or who wishes to become a member of the website or who wishes to post comments or any other information on must first obtain parental consent and supervision!

Changes to Privacy Policy

Vegan Sans Gluten reserves the right to update or alter its privacy policy at any time without any prior notice. As such, any important changes will be immediately posted on this webpage and any members of the website or subscribers to the Mailing List will get any email outlining the changes. 

If the usage of information collected from users of Vegan Sans Gluten should ever change drastically, any person whose personal information remains on the website's databases shall be immediately notified of the change and given the option to remove his or her information from the aforementioned databases. 

Implied Acceptance of Privacy Policy

Through the utilization of this website and the services therein, you hereby accept all of the conditions stipulated in the above privacy policy. If you are not in agreement with anything written above please contact the owner at with your concerns or refrain from using this site and its services. In addition, your continued use of this site and its services following any and all changes and updates to this policy shall represent your acceptance of such changes.

As always, your usage of and support for Vegan Sans Gluten is always appreciated, Thank You!

Ryan Hewes

Ryan Hewes, Owner of Vegan Sans Gluten