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Intellectual Property Disclosure

All content posted by the admin of this website is the intellectual property of Vegan Sans Gluten and it reserves all rights to these materials. This extends to, but may not be limited to: all logos, original images and illustrations, color schemes, videos, social media postings, and any other written materials. This content is subject to trademark and copyright laws. Any infringement of these laws will be met with the appropriate and corresponding legal action.


Vegan Sans Gluten provides its members with a platform where they can create personal biographies, publish comments on blog posts, and create their own blog posts. With that being stated, content of any kind that is posted by a user of VeganSansGluten.com is the intellectual property of the individual who posted it and is therefore subject to copyright laws. Vegan Sans Gluten does not claim rights nor ownership over any content posted by a user of the website. However, by using VeganSansGluten.com and its services to post content, users of the site are agreeing to grant Vegan Sans Gluten the license to show their content to the public. If a user of this site is using your content or somebody else's content as if it were his or her own, this is copyright infringement and you should contact the owner of Vegan Sans Gluten at Ryan.Hewes@vegansansgluten.com. The content will be promptly inspected and removed if a copyright infringement is indeed found.

Age Restriction

While Vegan Sans Gluten takes pride in its family-friendly nature and encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the content that it posts on its website, in accordance with online privacy policies, Vegan Sans Gluten does not accept personally identifiable information from any individual under the age of 13 without parental consent and supervision. This includes, but may not be limited to, names of any kind, telephone numbers, and email addresses. This means that any individual wishing to become a member of VeganSansGluten.com and/or subscribe to its Mailing List must first obtain parental consent and supervision. Any account found to have been created by a person under the age of 13 without the appropriate parental permissions will be deleted and his or her information will be removed from Vegan Sans Gluten's databases. However, anybody of any age is still welcome to watch any videos, read any blogs, and enjoy any other content created by Vegan Sans Gluten. 

Foul Language

Vegan Sans Gluten is a family-friendly platform that aims to help, inform, and entertain people of all ages and backgrounds. It also aims to create a space where people feel positive and comfortable. With that being said, Vegan Sans Gluten urges that each user of its website refrain from using slurs, curse words, insults, or any other type of foul language. This includes, but may not be limited to, in comments, blog posts, usernames, and profile biographies. If any content posted by a member of VeganSansGluten.com is found to contain any such language, it will promptly be removed and its creator's membership will be deleted. 


Vegan Sans Gluten is a family-friendly platform available to all people regardless of their backgrounds. This means that Vegan Sans Gluten does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, country of residence/origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else. In order to maintain such a non-discriminatory environment, Vegan Sans Gluten urges that its users refrain from posting any content that explicitly or implicitly references discrimination of any kind. If such content is found anywhere on the site, it will be promptly removed and its creator's membership will be deleted.

Governing Law

Vegan Sans Gluten is based in the United States. As such, VeganSansGluten.com conforms to the online privacy and content regulations stipulated by the United States government.

Changes to Terms of Use

Vegan Sans Gluten reserves the right to update or alter its terms of use at any time without any prior notice. As such, any important changes will be immediately posted on this webpage and any members of the website or subscribers to the Mailing List will receive an email outlining the changes. 

Termination and Content Removal Disclosure

Vegan Sans Gluten reserves the right to terminate any membership and remove any content that infringes the above established stipulations at its own sole discretion without any prior notice. If you believe your content and/or account has been wrongfully deleted, contact Vegan Sans Gluten at Ryan.Hewes@vegansansgluten.com and your case will be reviewed. However, it is not guaranteed that your content will be republished or that your account will be reinstated.

Implied Acceptance of Terms of Use

Through the utilization of this website and the services therein, you hereby accept all of the conditions stipulated in the above terms of use. If you are not in agreement with anything written above please contact the owner at Ryan.Hewes@vegansansgluten.com with your concerns or refrain from using this site and its services. In addition, your continued use of this site and its services following any and all changes and updates to these terms shall represent your acceptance of such changes.

As always, your usage of and support for Vegan Sans Gluten is always appreciated, Thank You!

Ryan Hewes

Ryan Hewes, Owner of Vegan Sans Gluten